Principal's Vision

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Welcome to the Affiliated High School to KNUE, a school of passion for learning and devotion for care.


Situated in the city of Cheongju and within the campus of the Korea National University of Education, the center for fostering qualified excellent teachers, AHSknue has become a highly reputable high school in the region for its capabilities of engaging students in dynamic learning environments, as well as inspiring them to grow as intellectually curious and responsible citizens.


AHSknue’s educational goal is to foster ‘confident students’ armed with passionate intent for exploration in learning backed by ‘righteous character’ and ‘warm-hearted consideration’. To ensure this, AHSknue passionately teaches students to be open-minded to various values and to foster an attitude towards global understanding through global citizenship via international student exchange. Developing students’ subject-based academic abilities and beyond-subject exploration skills are other core objectives AHSknue pursues along with providing them with diverse venues for instruction towards customized career paths throughout school life. Even more so, AHSknue students practice the spirit of care for others by making various contributions to the local community through sharing their learning experiences with those they come into contact with on a regular basis.


All mentioned thus far, has only been possible due to devotions from our dedicated teaching staff as well as the full support of parents and students.   


I, as the principal, have been committed to fostering the pleasure of teaching among teachers as well as the joy of learning among students in order to make a mutually beneficial teaching-learning environment. To this end, I would like to ask for your ongoing love and interest filled with constant encouragement and support towards AHSknue. Thank you.


Son Jin Cheol